Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas w/Scott's family

On Friday the 21st, we went to Little Rock to Metta and Justin's house to have Christmas w/ Scott's sisters and their men. There was Bonnie (Scott's sister) and Jason, Metta and her fiancee Justin, Hallie (Derek was not there b/c he had to work-ughh), and our family. We exchanged gifts and had a mexican fiesta. We had so much fun!!! Thank ya'll for all the wonderful presents for the kids. They loved them all!!!! See the slideshow above for pictures.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rauls family Christmas

Ok, I know this is late, but I wanted to get caught up on all my holiday activities.

We went to Rison on December the 22nd to spend some time with my family for Christmas. By the time everyone got there there were 15 people in my parent's house--8 adults and 7 kids. It was crazy to say the least, but so much fun. Scott got an 18 hour stomach bug, so he was sick for most of our stay:(. The kids played and fought the whole time. It was so nice to have everyone there and to visit. I know my parents were happy as well. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you guys for a wonderful time and for all the presents. We are truly blessed!!

Santa visit

We decided to go to the mall on our way to Rison to get the kids picture with Santa. Everything sounded good to Brady until we got in line. He told us he didn't want to see him, but we thought he would be alright once he saw him up close. Well, as you can see from the picture Brady threw a FIT when he got close to Santa. Scott even tried to help by sitting with him. Abigail loved Santa. She told me that she didn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas b/c he didn't ask!!! Jackson was alright sitting in his lap until he actually looked at him. Once he saw Santa's face, his lips started quivering and then he started crying. Well, at least I got a couple pictures for my scrapbook.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Abigail's school Christmas party!!

Thursday afternoon I went to Abigail's school for her Christmas party. They decorated gingerbread houses and ate snacks. Santa even came by for a visit and they sang "Jingle Bells" with him. The kids had a lot of fun!!!

Brady's Preschool Christmas Program

Thursday morning Jackson and I went to Brady's Christmas program at his preschool. All the kids in his age group sang 4 songs including "Happy Birthday to Jesus" w/ a cake. Brady did so good. He even bowed after their last song. He is going to be quite the performer!!! He couldn't wait to give his teacher "Ms. Howwy" (Holly) her gift. I thought that was so sweet. Here are a few pictures of the program.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jackson is growing so fast!!!

Jackson, you are now 8 months + 12 days. You are getting so big and changing so much every day. You weigh 21 lbs (about 2 wks ago) and were a size 3 in diapers. You are in some 6-12mths, 12mths, and some 12-18mths clothing. Here is some things about you.

Eating: You love it!!!! Breastmilk, formula, and baby food. You love them all.

Developmental: You can stand up w/out holding on to anything. You even took 1 little step last weekend. You are cruising around the tables and ottoman. You can craw like a race horse. You can wave, clap, and imitate others. You can say "mama", "dada", "bye", and other words that only you know the meaning to!!! You are a busy body when you are on the floor and like to put everything in your mouth (just like you big sister used to).

Mood: You are so easy going and hardly ever cry. When you do get mad it is on-----you are MAD!!! Even when your tired, you don't cry much. What a blessing you are!! You wake up in a good mood too.

Sleep: Well, you are still not the greatest at this task. You are still in a eat/play/sleep routine, but just with a little nap in the morning and a big nap in the afternoon. You usually don't go to sleep for the night until about 9:30pm. Oh, but you don't stay asleep. Sometimes you sleep all night, but not very often. When you wake up aroun 1am I put you in my bed until you (or I ) fall asleep, and then you go back to your bed. This happens at least 3x/night. Man, you need to sleep better.

We love you so much and we are having so much fun with you and the other kiddos. You LOVE your big brother and sister too!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

First sleepover party

Abigail, you attended your first real sleepover birthday party last night. You and seven other girls ate pizza and hot dogs and watched movies. You said you also played dress-up as well. You all didn't go to sleep until 1am this morning. You were worn out!!! It makes me sad to know you growing up. I guess this is the start of more bunking parties, or as you say pumpkin parties!! Oh, I had to put this picture of you in here as well. You got into my lipstick before the party and tried to put it on----let's just say you are not ready for make up yet!!!

Abigail's Gymnastics Show!!

Abigail attended the gymnastics show at Sonshine Academy on Saturday. They all got in groups according to their classes/age groups and showed us what they have been learning. You did so good Abigail and we are so proud of you.
The owners of the Academy said a prayer before the show and also had a birthday cake for Jesus at the end of the show. It made me happy to know that Abigail and Brady are in a Christian environment while learning gymnastics. You don't see that very often.
Here are a few pictures and video from the show.

Another cousin for my kids to love

Tenille had baby Lauren via c/s on 12/7/07. She was 5 lbs 3 oz and 18.5 inches long. They are at home now and doing well. You can check out pictures on Lexi's blog (she went straight to the nursery, so I didn't get one). Congratulations Tenille, Russ, & Lexi.

For those of you who don't know our family, this makes the 7th grandchild for my parents!!! What a blessing. They are all close in ages too. Here is the updated list---Anna (6), Abigail (51/2), Layne (4-later this mth), Brady (31/2), Lexi (3), Jackson (8mths), & Lauren (2 days). We have so much fun when our whole family gets together. It stays very interesting!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our little Jackson:)

Just wanted to post some recent pictures of Jackson. He is getting so big!! It makes me sad to think that he is growing up. He can now wave "bye bye" and can pull up. He is also speedy gonzales in his walker now. He is so much fun!!!!

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast!

Thursday I went to Brady's preschool for their Thanksgiving feast and program. All the kids in the Pre-3 classes sang little Thanksgiving songs for their parents/caregivers. It was so sweet and he did such a good job. I didn't know if he would do hand motions since he can be shy, but he was just really getting into it. After they sang, the kids all sat at their assigned seats w/their parents and we ate lunch that they helped prepare. We had corn, chicken nuggets, some different salad (not sure what it was), buttered muffins, and pumpkins squares for dessert. He gave me his paperwork which had all that he was thankful for. He said he was thankful for mommy, daddy, Abigail, Jackson, & Buzz and Woody(from Toy Story). Hey, at least we were first on his list!!! We are thankful and blessed everyday to have you too Brady.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Preschool gymnastics show!!

Yesterday morning we went to Brady's preschool gymnastics show at Sonshine Academy. All the preschool gym classes on Monday met @ 10am to show off what they had been learning. It was so cute! Brady had so much fun and really got into it. Of course the picture we took after he got his metal he wouldn't smile. That is just like him though. The video is him walking on the little balance beam forwards and backwards. Hey, that can be tough for lil ones!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Career dress up day

Today was career dress up day at Abigail's school (Jim Stone). She told me she wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner like her mommy (as well as her Aunt Nille). That was too sweet. We found some kid scrubs from a friend, gave her a chart that had her teacher's name on it (her patient), and made her a name badge. She thought she was too cute!! I'm sure her career choices will change a million times before she gets to college. Just last year at her preschool graduation she told everyone that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up!!!!!

Brady in Preschool!

Here are a couple of pictures of Brady before going to Preschool-3. He goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He also stays for extended care some Thursday afternoons from 12p-3p. He likes it alot and always wants to do his homework when Abigail is doing her homework for the next day. He loves his teacher, Ms. Holly. Brady calls her Ms. Howwy b/c he can't say his L's. It sounds so cute when he says it. He is getting so big and we love him so much.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Robnett Family

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The kids had a lot of fun last night. Abigail was a tiger girl (she says a cheetah girl), Brady was spiderman, and Jackson was a monkey. We went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Scott pulled the kids in their wagon, and I pushed Jackson in his stroller. We walked around with our friends Stephanie & Todd and their kids Emma & Noah. The kids got WAY to much candy. It was a nice night though and the kiddos had fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jackson is 7 months old!!

I can't believe Jackson is already 7 months old. He has been such a blessing and joy to our family. He is really good and always has a cheesy grin on his face. He started saying "ma" "mama" last night. It was so cute!!! Abigail and Brady really love their lil brother, but Brady tries to be to rough with him. I'm sure they will be fighting before too long like normal siblings!!!
We love you Jackson! Here are a few things about him.
Wt: 18lbs 10.5oz Ht: 27 3/4 in HC: 17.5
Feeding: He is still breastfeeding, but does take a little formula when I'm at work. He usually takes a 6.5 ounce bottle, but has taken 8 as well. He has had all 1st foods and loves them all except bananas. My other 2 loved bananas!!
Playing: He is on a routine of feed/play/sleep. He is rolling over, crawling (kind of a military crawl), and trying to pull up. He loves playing in his "baby area" which my mom calls his cage!! He loves playing with all his toys (well their really his brother's old toys, but he doesn't care). He does a lot of baby talking now and can get very loud. He LOVES his pacifier and that will solve most of his problems. He only really cries when he is gassy or sleepy.
Sleeping: He usually takes a cat nap in the morning and a good nap in the afternoon. He used to sleep great at night, but now he doesn't. He still sleeps in the co-sleeper bed beside us. Yes, he has a crib but doesn't sleep at night in there b/c we are afraid Jackson may wake Brady up. Maybe he is going through a horrible sleeping phase--we shall see.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Abigail dressing up 1950's style for school!!

Abigail's elementary school was celebrating the 50th day of school by the kids dressing up like the 1950's. Here are a few pics of her before school. She LOVED her her hair and outfit!!!! She said that a lot of girls had "prudle" skirts on. I thought that was so cute. She is such a priss, but we love her so much!

Our trip to Dallas & Abilene!

We loaded (I mean packed down) the Yukon on Wednesday October 17th and headed for Dallas, TX. Abigail and Brady were asking "when are we going to be there" before we even got to Texarkana. When we got to Dallas Abigail said, "What country are we in?" We finally made it Derek and Hallie's (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) apartment and the kids were so happy. They love them as well as their dog and cat. When we got settled we all walked down to this delicious mexican restaurant that Scott LOVES!!! After we ate, we went back to their cozy apartment and chatted until they had to go to bed. We all had a great time and we hate they live so far away. Early the next morning we head for Abilene to see my sister Robyn and her family. The kids were so excited to see their cousins Anna and Layne. They love each other and fight like siblings. Tenille and Lexi flew in that Thursday night and then we had a total of 13 in Robyn's house. It was really fun though!! We had a fun filled weekend with Anna's cute "tea party" birthday party on Friday night, then the ACU football game on Saturday afternoon. Jackson did so well the whole weekend-he just goes with the flow. Oh, we also did a lot of eating which I love to do. We headed home early Sunday morning and were back in Conway in time to do Abigail's homework for the next day. Thanks for the great visit Robyn!!!!