Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brady's 5th Birthday!

Brady, I can't believe you are already 5!! It seems like yesterday you were a baby. You are such a smart and strong-willed child. You go to CCA preschool 2 days/week and are home with your dad and sitter on Mondays and are home with me on W & F. You love to plan the Wii, play with you animal figurines, and play basketball. We are hoping to get you into fall baseball. You are a VERY picky eater. You love pizza, sugar cookies, chicken nuggets, cereal, tacos, salad/slaw, sugar cookiesand sister shubert rolls. You don't like most pasta dishes and chocolate cookies.

We had your b-day party at Thunderroad Race Track in Conway. You loved it and so did your friends. Here are some pics of the party. We love you Brady:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zoo trip with Brady and his preschool class

We went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago and the weather was great!! The kids loved it and Brady and I had a great time with just us. It is not very often that I get to spend time with just him. We ate lunch at the Zoo with the class and checked out all the animals. Thanks Brady for a great day!! I love you:)

A look back at Jackson

Here are some picture from birth to now at age 2!! We had your birthday on 3/28/09 and the theme was "Balls, Bubbles, Balloons". The family celebrated your birthday at our house. You had a fun day!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jackson is 2 (on March 30th)

What can I say, but that you have been such a blessing to our family. You are WILD and keep me and your family running, but you are such a happy child. You run everywhere you go and you will try to climb on anything. You do have a temper when you don't get your way!! It seems like yesterday you were born. You have such a great personality and are sooooo loving. I can always count on you to give us a big hug and kiss. We love you Jackson...Happy (belated) blog birthday post!!! Here are some things about you.
Wt: 28lb 13.5oz (as of 4/22/09)...60%
Ht: 35.5inches....................65%
HC: 19.9inches
Clothing: You wear mostly 2T, but 3T if running small. You were a size 5 in diapers. You were a size 7-8 in shoes
Eating: You LOVE to eat. You love bananas, green beans, pizza, chips, ice cream, and donuts. You love your milk and love to drink Capri Suns like you brother and sister.
Sleeping: We just made your crib into a toddler bed (since you were jumping out). Since then it takes you a long time to go to sleep, but you stay asleep all night!! Your bedtime is ~7:45, but it takes at least an hour for you to go to sleep (usually longer). You still take naps, but we try to limit them to 2 hours.
Talking: You can/will say anything and everything!! You will just talk all the time. You also love to sing. Your favorite songs are: twinkle little star, BIBLE, Shoo Fly, Deep & Wide
Misc: You still LOVE your pacifier and you know where we keep the extras!! I'm working on just nap and nighttime paci's, but you are attached!! You are urinating on your potty some, but not consistent. You love your "Abgail" and "Bady" so much.
See below for pics of the b-day party!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The dreaded FLU!

The past two weeks have been rough around my household. First, Scott got the flu, then he passed it on to me a week later. I don't remember ever having the flu in my life, but it is horrible. I had to miss a week of work. After a week and 2 days, I'm finally starting to feel back to "normal"....whatever that is!! Thankfully, my kids are doing good and are still staying healthy for the most part.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Abigail's gymnastics meets

We have been busy this winter going to Abigail's gym meets. I take pictures at every meet, but here are a few of the better pictures. She really loves gymnastics and we are very proud of her. The competition season ends next month, so maybe we will slow down for alittle bit.:)

Abigail's "accident"

Last Tuesday I got a call from Abigail's school letting me know that Abigail had cut her head open and I needed to pick her up. When I got there Abigail was acting fine and they had stopped the bleeding, but it was deep enough to need a staple. She said that she was just walking and "not paying attention to where I was going" and hit a wall. I still don't understand exactly what happened! Anyway, we went back up to the clinic where I work and they put the staple in her head. She was so brave...she didn't make a peep. She even said to the doctor "that didn't hurt that bad"! I'm thankful that she wasn't hurt any worse than she was. Here are a couple of pics of her "accident."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jackson's haircut

I know Jackson is almost 2, but he has only had 3 real haircuts. He has fine "duck" hair and it is really hard for me to keep it tamed!! These are the pics from his last haircut. He did really good this time and actually stayed the whole time in the seat. He was given a sucker while he got his haircut, so he was really concentrating on finishing it! We love you are growing up so fast.

Abigail's Valentine party!

Here are a few pics from Abigail's Valentine party at school. She had so much fun! Brady and Jackson also had parties, but Scott forgot the camera:(

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun in the tub!

Here are few pictures of the kids in the bathtub. They often will take a bath together and I love hearing them have fun in the tub. Jackson LOVES the bath and will run to get in it at night! Our kids are growing up so fast!

Chicago Trip

In January of every year Scott's business has their company Christmas (belated) party in Chicago because that is where the home office is. This year Scott and I were able to go up on Thursday (Jan 8th) and stay through Sunday, January 11th. I really LOVE Chicago and we always have a great time when we are there. It was REALLY cold when we went this time. I have never been when it has been so cold. There was a foot of snow one day, but that doesn't stop the people there. They are used to it I guess!! It was also nice to see the rest of our friends from the company. Here are a few pictures of the trip. I am so mad that I forgot my camera the night of the company party...we were all dressed up too!! Oh well:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas in Rison~Rauls Family 2008

We had a great time spending time with family in Rison. The kids are getting old enough to play good MOST of the time together; which helps the adults get to visit more. I am so thankful to have such a great family. Since the weather was pretty nice then the kids played outside alot during our stay there. We just really hung out, ate alot, talked, laughed, and opened presents. I also cherish the time that I get to hang out w/the whole family b/c it doesn't happen near enough!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Robnett's-Christmas Day-2008

We had a great Christmas this year! We were home Christmas Eve, so Santa was able to bring the toys to our house for Christmas Day! The kids also slept in..I don't think we even got up until 7:45..I couldn't believe it. Jackson had fun just tearing the paper and getting into everyone' gifts. Scott and I are truly blessed with our family.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abigail's Christmas party at school

Here are a few pictures from Abigail's class party at school. The theme for the day was "Polar Express Day...wear your pajamas". We had different activities for the kids to do during their party time and the kids had so much fun. Ms. Schultz (Abigail's teacher) is wonderful and has so much energy. Abigail is learning alot so far!!

Brady's Christmas musical

Brady's school (Central Christian Academy)put on a Christmas musical this year and he did a great job. Scott was out of town because of work, so my parents went with me to hear the musical. Brady is quite the performer! He knew almost all the words and all the motions. I couldn't believe it since he can be pretty shy. He may just be my little performer after all!