Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brady's soccer season

Brady was in soccer this fall for the first time. He was slow to get started playing,but once he got used to the concept of soccer he did really well. Scott was his coach and had just as much (or more) fun than the rest of the kids. They had a good season and I think they won most of their games (we weren't supposed to keep score)...HaHa!!! Here are a few pictures of the game.

Abigail's 1st school musical

We attended the first musical for Abigail earlier this month. She is in the first grade and they all looked so cute. She didn't have a solo speaking part, but she sang with the rest of the class. She was a butterfly. It was a cute musical, but alittle long. We have to remember next time to not bring the other was WAY to boring and drawn out for them!

Halloween pictures!

It was been a month, but I wanted to show everyone my lil trick or treaters. They have a great time treating around the neighborhood, then we went to a friend's house for a weiner and marshmallow roast. They had a great time! Abigail was a "go pink" cheerleader, Brady was a transformer "optimist prime", and Jackson was my sweet elephant!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I have got to do better on this blog thing. I always forget to update. Here is some of the things that I will have pictures of very soon:
-Halloween pictures. They were so cute
-Abigail's first grade musical. Her first one....she was a butterfly!
-Random pictures of Jackson....I haven't updated on him in a while. And pictures of Brady.
-Abigail's gymnastics meet in West Memphis this past weekend. She did great and we've got some good pictures.
Well, that is it I think.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now this is a good case of "pink eye"

I forgot to mention that the day before we left for Mexico Jackson woke up with the worst case of conjunctivitis that I have ever seen on a child. Thankfully, he looked better in a couple of days with oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. He did look pitiful though! Poor Jack-Jack!!

Peurta Vallarta, Mexico Trip~Oct.18-25th

Scott and I had a wonderful trip to Mexico! It was so beautiful there, but it was hot! I did what I wanted to do there and that was absolutely NOTHING!! We relaxed by the resort pool, went shopping downtown(which is an experience), ate some great food (especially the salsa and guacamole), and hung out with his company friends. I actually became good friends with Scott's coworkers wife during the trip which I had never met before until our trip.

Here's the story of the day we left for Mexico~We leave our house at 4:15am to meet my dad @ Dixon Road by 5:30, so he can take Jackson to Rison (thanks dad for getting up so early). We then head to the airport for our flight @0655. I was so excited and alittle uneasy about our airplane ride. I have flown quite a bit, but still I'm alittle scared. Everything goes smoothly at check in and we were saved b/c my luggage only weighed 48pounds, so no charge-Yay!! We are getting close to boarding time and they tell us that the PILOT found a "faulty tire" and they need to get it replaced. I'm thinking, what about the maintence crew and why didn't they see this..I mean hasn't the plane been there all night? Anyway, We are 1 hour and 30 minutes past schedule and are stressing that we won't make it to our connecting flight in Dallas. The airlines tell us there is nothing they can do!! Well, we finally get on the plane 1 hour 45 minutes past schedule and finally make it to Dallas airport. At this point, we are thinking how we are going to make our connecting flight in 20 minutes at the DFW airport. Well, a worker gets on the plane and says "We need the Robnett's party of 2". We were so fired up b/c an American Airline worker person picks us up, puts us in a van and we go around the outside of the airport to our next airplane and and was valleted to the front of the line. We were thinking we were pretty special!!Haha They were thinking that they better do that or we were gonna be pretty mad!! Anyway, we get on the plane, then sit for 20 minutes, then the pilot says "there has been a problem with the paperwork in Mexico relating to customs and we need to get this changed before we can leave." Alright we go. We wait another 20 minutes then FINALLY we were on our way to Mexico. Thankfully we made it safe to and from, but what a story to remember!

My kids did well and I'm thankful for my parents and Scott's dad and stepmom for helping us out. Scott and I both said it was too long for us to be gone..especially with little kids. It was nice for us to spend some quality time together,which we really needed.

I did go parasailing for the first time and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I'm alittle scared of heights, but once I took off I was alright. I was actually talking out loud (who cares, nobody could hear me) in the sky saying it was beautiful and God's creations are so amazing. I was happy when I landed safe and sound back on the beach though. Scott also went and loved every minute of it.