Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soccer game

Here are a few pictures of Abigail's soccer game from Saturday. She scored 3 goals. I think she is finally starting to get to concept of soccer. She told me the other night that she had to "get dirty" (meaning her clothes) if she wanted to play defense?! I didn't ask her if she actually KNEW what defense meant....I didn't until junior high (that is pitiful-I know)! Anyway, she has 2 games on Saturday to catch up from all the rained out days that we missed.


Looking back--Jackson's arrival.

I want to share my baby delivery experience (like other bloggers) since Jackson just turned 1 year on March 30th.

On Thursday March 29, 2007 I went to see Dr. Wendel for my regular OB appointment. We had already talked about my going into the hospital that night. I was 39+wks and I get induced (or augmented in this case) because he is on call on Thursday nights and on Friday's and wanted to MAKE SURE he was there to deliver my third child. He told me in the clinic I was 4 cm and he was SURE it would not take long for me to have Jackson. Being an old labor and delivery nurse I'm thinking he is totally right...3rd child, 4cm problem. He told me not to get to the hospital until after midnight, so basically I would not go too quickly and he could get some sleep during the night. Well, Scott and I hung around the house that day and packed and tried to take a nap, but that was hard because I was too excited (my parents had my kids). Oh, Scott will be embarrassed by this, but we both got a pedicure that evening. It was wonderful and sooooo relaxing. Anyway, we finally got to the hospital at 1:30 am (Friday 3/30/07). I got to see all my Labor and Delivery nurses and friends and they had a big room saved for me. They also had the room set up perfectly. Once I was admitted the resident checked me and I was still at 3-4cm/50%/-2. I'm still thinking once the Pitocin starts, it won't be long. The girls started the Pitocin at 3:45am and was starting to hurt. For some reason I wanted to wait as long as possible for my epidural because I didn't want to be a wuz. Well, by 5:15am I decided it was time for some relief. Although just because you get an epidural it doesn't mean it is going to work.....and after a while it didn't work (at least it didn't on my left side). I do have to note that this happens to me w/ ALL my epidurals. I don't know why and neither do the anesthesiologist, but it was painful!! Especially when my girls are bumping up the Pitocin every 20 minutes. They could have cut off my right leg and I would have never know, but I could feel EVERYTHING on my left side after about 3 hours from them placing the epidural. Anyway, Dr. Wendel kept coming in thinking I would progress pretty fast, but no no. 9am past-they broke my water, then 10am past, then 12am past, then 1pm past. I was starting to think I wasn't going to deliver. I kept asking Dr. Wendel "Do you think I can do it", and he would say "Of course you can". I kept thinking this is my 3rd child, why is this taking SO long (I know that is what my family was thinking). Finally at 2:10 I heard an exciting statement "Its time to push". I then delivered a beautiful boy at 2:18pm that day and was so exhausted. He came out pink and crying ( even though he had his cord wrapped around him loosely) and needed no resuscitation. We were so thankful and I was so relieved it was over. And you know after all that pain, I would love to have another child...I know I'm crazy.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, March 30th was your actual birthday, but we celebrated your birthday on 4/5/07 because of spring break issues. First of all we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You brighten up my day EVERY day. You have such a sweet spirit and hardly ever cry. You have the biggest grin and sparkly eyes. Here are some things about you: Wt:21lbs 12oz Ht: 30.5in HC:18 3/4 in
FEEDING: I completely quit breastfeeding you on 4/6/08. You are using a sippy cup during most of the, but I'm still giving you a bottle some. I'm slowly trying to take it away. You love the little crunchies baby snacks as well as the puffs. You also like english peas, mashed potatoes, and bananas. You are getting picky about baby food since you are trying out "our" foods. Overall, you eat and drink really well.
SLEEPING: Well, you still do not like to sleep all night. It drives me and your daddy CRAZY! You are getting better than you were, but you are teething again, so maybe that is why you are sleep is disturbed. You still love your pacifier and it makes all things better.
PLAYTIME: You love to play with any kind of a ball. You also love ALL your other toys. You are so content to play by yourself in your little playpen. You also love watching "The Wiggles", "Baby Einstein", and "Barney" movies. You will just dance and clap to the music.
DEVELOPMENTAL: You have been walking since you were 9 1/2 months old. You walk so fast now it is so funny. You look so bow legged now, but your Uncle Russ says it will get better! You can say s (yes), ta 2 (thank you), uh oh (uh oh), and dd do (peek a boo), mama, and dada. You can wave bye when you WANT to. You have mastered the pincer grasp.
You have 5 teeth and you have 3 more trying to come in at the same time. You wear size 4 diapers. You are wearing size 12-18, 18mths clothing. You can even wear some 24 month things. We love you very much and are truly blessed!