Monday, May 3, 2010

Memphis trip..and the Memphis Zoo

On April the 16th we went to Memphis and stayed with Derek and Hallie for the weekend. Metta was also there with Hallie Cate. Bonnie, Jason, and Georgia also live in Memphis and so we were all able to be was great. We had so much fun! We went to the Memphis Zoo on Saturday and the kids loved it. They have been there before, but forgot how neat it was. We were able to see the polar bear feeding and the sea lion show...that was so neat! On Sunday we were blessed to see our neice Georgia get dedicated. It was such a wonderful day and we enjoyed spending time with Scott's family.

Jackson's 3rd birthday

On April 10th we celebrated Jackson's 3rd birthday with a Scooby-Doo party. We had all the family at our house and had food, cake (Scooby-Doo of course), and ice cream. Jackson was so excited to see everyone and so happy to open all of his gifts. He LOVED his cake as well! He is such a joy everyday and loves to love on his parents and all the people around him. He got a gator from us for his birthday and that was a hit at the party (except when Will fell off the back of it..he was fine though). We love you Jack Jack!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jackson's vocabulary

It is hard to believe, but Jackson will be 3 in nine days. He has a huge vocabulary and really loves to talk!! I wanted to write down a few of his words that he tries to say. It is so cute to hear him talk and it seems like yesterday he was born. Here are some of his words and their translations..haha!!
N a M's---M&M's
Jackson Rauls Net---Jackson Rauls Robnett
Make you---Thank You
Mena---Miranda (his teacher from last year that he loves)
Mommy Robnett---Rhonda Robnett(LOL)& Daddy Robnett
Ice quem---Ice Cream
I ma know---I don't know
Love 2---Love you too

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kid Pics!

My children are growing up SO fast! I love them so much and am so blessed to have such wonderful children. They are all different; which makes parenthood so fun and trying at the same time. They do manage to get along...sometimes! We love you kiddos.

Snow days!

Last month we had 2 snow storms in Conway. The kids really enjoyed all the snow and so did we. They would complain that "its too cold out there". We made a snowman and rode around the neighborhood sliding everywhere in our golf cart.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Recap of 2009

I have not been very good at keeping my blog updated the past 6 months, but it is a new year and I am promising to do better.

I wanted to start by giving some facts/activities that have happened in my family in 2009:
-We joined Second Baptist Church at the first of 2009.
-I had the flu (for the first time) and pneumonia in March. I was VERY sick!
-Abigail had alot of gym competitions and her first competition season was great!
-Abigail played softball for the first time and was actually quiet good. Brady was too young, so her will for sure be playing this spring.
-Jackson turned the big "2" on 3/30/09.
-Brady turned "5" on 5/28/09. We decided to keep him in preschool one more year.
-Scott had shoulder surgery in June.
-Abigail turned "7" on 7/19/09. She also lost only 2 teeth in 2009...we are waiting for the rest to come out..haha!
-Scott had his Gallbladder removed in October (I think).
-Abigail had strep throat for the first time in September.
-Abigail went to her first real concert in October to see Miley Cyrus. Aunt Metta bought the tickets for sweet.
-Brady and Jackson performed in their annual preschool Christmas musical in December and did a great job.
-We were able to get together w/Scott's family for Christmas and my family and had a great time.