Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching up!

Well needless to say I have been pretty bad at our blog lately. Last month flew by and now October is going by way to fast as well. I have lots of pictures and posts that will follow, but just wanted to give you a quick update of the Robnett clan.

-I am feeling better (at this moment) w/all my nausea, diarrhea...etc.. stuff. We are pretty sure it is my gallbladder, but I'm leaving it in until I start feeling really bad again (I know..I'm horrible....a typical health professional!!) Over the last month I have had an ultrasound, a EGD, and a Gallbladder Ejection Fraction Test. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I will keep you updated on any changes!

-Brady started soccer and is doing pretty well. Scott is his coach and is loving it! Brady was really shy the first couple of games and thought he would just watch, but now he is actually playing....Yay!!! He is attending a christian academy preschool two days a week and loves it. He is learning alot this year!

-Abigail is in competitive gymnastics and practices 2 days/week and they are 2 1/2 hours long. She loves it and is constantly doing flips EVERYWHERE we go. Her first competition is this Saturday. Its a practice meet, so no scores but it gives them a chance to see how the meet works. Abigail is loving first grade and is doing really well. She only gets her card changed occasionally...which we are proud!!!

-Jackson is just as sweet as ever. He was 18 months on the 28th and weighs 26 1/2 pounds. He is now being treated for his 2nd ear infection in less than a month. I hope this doesn't continue. He goes to a christian academy school 2 days a week and seems to love it. They note that he always eats ALL his food...imagine that!

-We have been to Memphis to see Scott's sisters and their spouses and had a great time. We also went to the Memphis zoo which is awesome!! (man, I've gotta get pics posted). We just went to the USA gymnastics tour at Alltel last night and had a blast!! I love watching gymnastics and Abigail was glued to their routines the whole time. I even got to shake Jonathan's (men's gym team) hand as he was running through.

-We have been going to a new church the last 2-3 months. Its Second Baptist Church in Conway. We love it and love our small group. We had our first small group get together last Friday and had a wonderful time. I'm so thankful that we have found a church up here where we can continue to grow as a family. The kids love their classes as well.

-Last but not least Scott and I are leaving for Puerto Vallarta Mexico on Saturday and will be gone until next Saturday the 25th. I'm nervous, excited, and sad all the same time. I have never left my children this long. Please keep us in your prayers.