Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Memphis w/Scott's sisters and family

We had a lot of fun this holiday. On December 19-21 we went to Memphis to spend Christmas with Scott's side of the family. We stayed with Hallie (Scott's sister) and her husband Derek's house. We had so much fun and the kids had a ball. Metta (Scott's sister) and her husband Justin also came from Little Rock for the weekend. Bonnie (Scott's other sister) and her husband Jason also live in Memphis and we all hung out all weekend. On Saturday, Scott's aunt Susie and her family came from Dewitt and we had a barbecue feast with appetizers...we all had a great time. It was nice for the kids to spend more time with everyone. Thank you guys for a great time!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brady's soccer season

Brady was in soccer this fall for the first time. He was slow to get started playing,but once he got used to the concept of soccer he did really well. Scott was his coach and had just as much (or more) fun than the rest of the kids. They had a good season and I think they won most of their games (we weren't supposed to keep score)...HaHa!!! Here are a few pictures of the game.

Abigail's 1st school musical

We attended the first musical for Abigail earlier this month. She is in the first grade and they all looked so cute. She didn't have a solo speaking part, but she sang with the rest of the class. She was a butterfly. It was a cute musical, but alittle long. We have to remember next time to not bring the other was WAY to boring and drawn out for them!

Halloween pictures!

It was been a month, but I wanted to show everyone my lil trick or treaters. They have a great time treating around the neighborhood, then we went to a friend's house for a weiner and marshmallow roast. They had a great time! Abigail was a "go pink" cheerleader, Brady was a transformer "optimist prime", and Jackson was my sweet elephant!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I have got to do better on this blog thing. I always forget to update. Here is some of the things that I will have pictures of very soon:
-Halloween pictures. They were so cute
-Abigail's first grade musical. Her first one....she was a butterfly!
-Random pictures of Jackson....I haven't updated on him in a while. And pictures of Brady.
-Abigail's gymnastics meet in West Memphis this past weekend. She did great and we've got some good pictures.
Well, that is it I think.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now this is a good case of "pink eye"

I forgot to mention that the day before we left for Mexico Jackson woke up with the worst case of conjunctivitis that I have ever seen on a child. Thankfully, he looked better in a couple of days with oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. He did look pitiful though! Poor Jack-Jack!!

Peurta Vallarta, Mexico Trip~Oct.18-25th

Scott and I had a wonderful trip to Mexico! It was so beautiful there, but it was hot! I did what I wanted to do there and that was absolutely NOTHING!! We relaxed by the resort pool, went shopping downtown(which is an experience), ate some great food (especially the salsa and guacamole), and hung out with his company friends. I actually became good friends with Scott's coworkers wife during the trip which I had never met before until our trip.

Here's the story of the day we left for Mexico~We leave our house at 4:15am to meet my dad @ Dixon Road by 5:30, so he can take Jackson to Rison (thanks dad for getting up so early). We then head to the airport for our flight @0655. I was so excited and alittle uneasy about our airplane ride. I have flown quite a bit, but still I'm alittle scared. Everything goes smoothly at check in and we were saved b/c my luggage only weighed 48pounds, so no charge-Yay!! We are getting close to boarding time and they tell us that the PILOT found a "faulty tire" and they need to get it replaced. I'm thinking, what about the maintence crew and why didn't they see this..I mean hasn't the plane been there all night? Anyway, We are 1 hour and 30 minutes past schedule and are stressing that we won't make it to our connecting flight in Dallas. The airlines tell us there is nothing they can do!! Well, we finally get on the plane 1 hour 45 minutes past schedule and finally make it to Dallas airport. At this point, we are thinking how we are going to make our connecting flight in 20 minutes at the DFW airport. Well, a worker gets on the plane and says "We need the Robnett's party of 2". We were so fired up b/c an American Airline worker person picks us up, puts us in a van and we go around the outside of the airport to our next airplane and and was valleted to the front of the line. We were thinking we were pretty special!!Haha They were thinking that they better do that or we were gonna be pretty mad!! Anyway, we get on the plane, then sit for 20 minutes, then the pilot says "there has been a problem with the paperwork in Mexico relating to customs and we need to get this changed before we can leave." Alright we go. We wait another 20 minutes then FINALLY we were on our way to Mexico. Thankfully we made it safe to and from, but what a story to remember!

My kids did well and I'm thankful for my parents and Scott's dad and stepmom for helping us out. Scott and I both said it was too long for us to be gone..especially with little kids. It was nice for us to spend some quality time together,which we really needed.

I did go parasailing for the first time and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I'm alittle scared of heights, but once I took off I was alright. I was actually talking out loud (who cares, nobody could hear me) in the sky saying it was beautiful and God's creations are so amazing. I was happy when I landed safe and sound back on the beach though. Scott also went and loved every minute of it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching up!

Well needless to say I have been pretty bad at our blog lately. Last month flew by and now October is going by way to fast as well. I have lots of pictures and posts that will follow, but just wanted to give you a quick update of the Robnett clan.

-I am feeling better (at this moment) w/all my nausea, diarrhea...etc.. stuff. We are pretty sure it is my gallbladder, but I'm leaving it in until I start feeling really bad again (I know..I'm horrible....a typical health professional!!) Over the last month I have had an ultrasound, a EGD, and a Gallbladder Ejection Fraction Test. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I will keep you updated on any changes!

-Brady started soccer and is doing pretty well. Scott is his coach and is loving it! Brady was really shy the first couple of games and thought he would just watch, but now he is actually playing....Yay!!! He is attending a christian academy preschool two days a week and loves it. He is learning alot this year!

-Abigail is in competitive gymnastics and practices 2 days/week and they are 2 1/2 hours long. She loves it and is constantly doing flips EVERYWHERE we go. Her first competition is this Saturday. Its a practice meet, so no scores but it gives them a chance to see how the meet works. Abigail is loving first grade and is doing really well. She only gets her card changed occasionally...which we are proud!!!

-Jackson is just as sweet as ever. He was 18 months on the 28th and weighs 26 1/2 pounds. He is now being treated for his 2nd ear infection in less than a month. I hope this doesn't continue. He goes to a christian academy school 2 days a week and seems to love it. They note that he always eats ALL his food...imagine that!

-We have been to Memphis to see Scott's sisters and their spouses and had a great time. We also went to the Memphis zoo which is awesome!! (man, I've gotta get pics posted). We just went to the USA gymnastics tour at Alltel last night and had a blast!! I love watching gymnastics and Abigail was glued to their routines the whole time. I even got to shake Jonathan's (men's gym team) hand as he was running through.

-We have been going to a new church the last 2-3 months. Its Second Baptist Church in Conway. We love it and love our small group. We had our first small group get together last Friday and had a wonderful time. I'm so thankful that we have found a church up here where we can continue to grow as a family. The kids love their classes as well.

-Last but not least Scott and I are leaving for Puerto Vallarta Mexico on Saturday and will be gone until next Saturday the 25th. I'm nervous, excited, and sad all the same time. I have never left my children this long. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My little bell ringers!

Abigail and Brady were the bell ringers in David & Megan's wedding Saturday. Man, it was a beautiful wedding. It was one of the most Godly, emotional, & uplifting weddings I have ever seen! Megan looked absolutely beautiful!!! I can remember keeping her when she was a toddler, and now she is married! She was also my nanny for Brady when he was just a baby. The kids did great...they walked down the isle and rang their bells as they were told. I tried to get pictures before the wedding, but my camera was dead and had to charge it up before the wedding....Michelle I'm gonna need pictures!!!:) Anyway, we all had a great time. Thank you Megan for letting us be a part of your special day.

Labor Day @ the Lake!

We went to my parents lakehouse on Labor Day weekend to relax. We went up on Friday and came back home on Monday morning. The weather was perfect. My parents and the Rauls clan was staying at the cabin as well. We enjoyed boat riding, skiing, and just relaxing on the lake and the cabin. The kids got along really well too!!:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Abigail's 1st day of 1st grade!!!

Abigail started school at Jim Stone Elementary on August 18th and is loving it. Her teacher is Ms. Schultz and she is wonderful. Her room is decorated in animal print and animals, which makes it more fun for the kids to learn. She likes all her classmates, but does miss some of her friends that moved to the new school this year. When I was pulling in to park the first day to walk her in she said, "Momma you can just drop me off." I told Abigail that I wanted to walk her in the first day and that was that. She decided to hold my hand as we were walking down the hall and even gave me a goodbye hug when I left...I was so happy she did that!!

Abigail's 6th Birthday!!

On July 19th, we celebrated Abigail's 6th birthday. She had a Hannah Montana swimming party at the Conway Country Club. It was a beautiful (slightly hot) day for her party. I still can't believe my little girl is 6! She is growing up too quick for me. Here are a few pics from that day!

It has been a while

It has been since the end of July since my last post, so I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm catching up now. I have had some health issues over the last month and hope to get completely better really soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gulf Shores Trip

We left on Sunday July 6th at around 11am and headed towards the beach. The whole family met up at Hattiesburg Mississippi and stayed at a hotel Sunday night. Monday morning we set off to Gulf Shores. There were 15 people in that is alot, especially when 7 are kids ages 6 and under. We had a great time though. We (the girls) layed out on the beach some, the kids played in the sand and played in the water (although they didn't like the stinging of the jellyfish!). We had 2 condos between the 4 families. We all just had a great time hanging out with each other. The kids also loved the kiddy pool, so we spent alot of time there as well. During the week we ate at "The Hangout", "Sea-n-Suds", and "Cottons". We also went to the nearby track and had a good time riding the go carts. I think we all had a fun time and thankfully the kids got along good....most of the time!! HA HA!!!
Below is a slide show of the week, but here are some more of my favorite pics!!

Family Beach Trip

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

June `08

I have been HORRIBLE about updating my blog this summer, so now I'm trying to catch up.
The month of June was a busy month for us. We celebrated Brady's birthday party at the first of the month, then we went to Branson (everyone except Jackson--he stayed w/my parents) for a couple of days. We went shopping and spent a rainy day a Silver Dollar City. We also met up with my friends Wendy and Celeste and their families at Branson Landing to eat and let the kids hang out. They were all so cute!! We had a great time with them.
On the 9th, Scott and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been 7 years. In the 7 years I have been through graduate school, built a house (then moved out of it less than 2 years later), had 3 children, Scott was hospitalized with Menigitis, Brady was hospitalized with croup and had to have 2 surgeries, and we have moved 3 times. I love you boo--thank you for all you do for me and the kids!!!
At the end of the month we met up w/my whole family at the lake house. We ate alot and enjoyed some fun on the water. We had a great time with all the family.
I also want to mention that my new blog template was set up by my good friend Anita. She also has a website where she can change your templates as well as doing stationary things. Check her website out....A Piece of Pope.