Monday, January 11, 2010

Recap of 2009

I have not been very good at keeping my blog updated the past 6 months, but it is a new year and I am promising to do better.

I wanted to start by giving some facts/activities that have happened in my family in 2009:
-We joined Second Baptist Church at the first of 2009.
-I had the flu (for the first time) and pneumonia in March. I was VERY sick!
-Abigail had alot of gym competitions and her first competition season was great!
-Abigail played softball for the first time and was actually quiet good. Brady was too young, so her will for sure be playing this spring.
-Jackson turned the big "2" on 3/30/09.
-Brady turned "5" on 5/28/09. We decided to keep him in preschool one more year.
-Scott had shoulder surgery in June.
-Abigail turned "7" on 7/19/09. She also lost only 2 teeth in 2009...we are waiting for the rest to come out..haha!
-Scott had his Gallbladder removed in October (I think).
-Abigail had strep throat for the first time in September.
-Abigail went to her first real concert in October to see Miley Cyrus. Aunt Metta bought the tickets for sweet.
-Brady and Jackson performed in their annual preschool Christmas musical in December and did a great job.
-We were able to get together w/Scott's family for Christmas and my family and had a great time.

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