Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brady's 5th Birthday!

Brady, I can't believe you are already 5!! It seems like yesterday you were a baby. You are such a smart and strong-willed child. You go to CCA preschool 2 days/week and are home with your dad and sitter on Mondays and are home with me on W & F. You love to plan the Wii, play with you animal figurines, and play basketball. We are hoping to get you into fall baseball. You are a VERY picky eater. You love pizza, sugar cookies, chicken nuggets, cereal, tacos, salad/slaw, sugar cookiesand sister shubert rolls. You don't like most pasta dishes and chocolate cookies.

We had your b-day party at Thunderroad Race Track in Conway. You loved it and so did your friends. Here are some pics of the party. We love you Brady:)

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